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I must admit I’m finding the idea of amateur rocketry more and more interesting the last few days. I’ve been captivated with youtube films of amateur rockets being launched virtually into space true, but also with paper rockets being launched with air rams, or ambitious two stage giant bottle rockets being fired to 800 feet in the air!

We are soon to launch a “steampunk” society in my home town, and in addition to descending on the local Masonic lodge en-masse, I’d love us to take an interest in rocketry and have an actual retro scientific project to work on.

Given our urban environment, and lack of technical expertise, aside from one hypothetical member who is an ace modeller, I suspect paper rocketry might be the way forward. I can easily envisage demonstrations of perhaps punked up air and bottle rockets going down well at the 2015 or 2016 Lincoln Asylum.

I’d really like to start flying some rubber band powered aircraft too. I love simple retro-tech stuff. All I have to is overcome my chronic clumsiness and technical incompetence!