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“Well, rather expected that would happen” said Lady Alexia Laplace in her usual dry as dust manner, as the tumbler of Tom Collins Aristophanes Brown had been playing with rather than drinking on a warm spring afternoon, met its maker on the tiled floor of the Warehouse kitchen.

“Bloody thing, always should have known to buy cheap glass that bounces instead of decent crystal, Alexia. We’ll be getting cuts if we are not careful, and as for the moon-a-muck’s feet, poor thing.”

“Ari, your concern for the creature is touching, but there is no cause to worry. I’ve been working on something, allow me to show you while that ne-er do well Carina is out taking the muck creature for a walk.”

Clad in her khaki-gold overalls, hair knotted in a scarf, she clomped across the flagging to the door of her small laboratory, reserved for her more lightweight projects. The sound of clinking, chinking and a gentle clattering could be heard, as Aristophanes made up for his clumsiness by taking a sneakful pull from Alexia’s glass, hurriedly replacing it just so as she returned, carrying a ceramic white tube about a foot long.

Sher pointed it at him, exclaimed “Observe!” and then set herself down onto the floor upon one knee. As she waved the rod around, Aristophanes noticed with a start that it was attracting up shards of glass, from large to tiny, without any effort like the attraction of static electricity.

A couple of self satisfied sweeps from the Lady Alexia, and there was not a trace of any glittering glass splinters on the floor.

She straightened her back, looked at Aristophanes across the table, and pressed a button on the end of the device. All the accumulated glass dropped nicely onto a dish Ari had been eating cake off just shortly before.

“Alexia! You are truly even more of a genius than I ever realised! We shall call it, we shall call it, “The Glagnet” – and more funding for our good work shall come our way.”

“Not “We’ll make millions!” Aristophanes? You surprise me.”

Aristophanes just shrugged.

Copyright Mulberry Lightning 20.05.15

Overall, written in about 20 minutes, inspired by a conversation I had with a colleague where the concept of “The Glagnet” erupted into shattering life.