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Well. How remiss it is of me to not get the report written sooner. I know I have been studying and blogging away, gosh my nature writing empire expands, but it is no excuse, is it?

To compound my literary errors, I was on shift at work at the time of the meeting and couldn’t stay long, in the cosy little venue that is “Just Beer” on Swan and Salmon Yard. Next door to where a murderer kept women in wheelie bins, trivia fans.

The conversation I remember concerned religious relics – fragments of the true cross, the fingers of Christ, Noah’s Ark, all that sort of thing. The idea that occurred was that if all the supposed fingers of Christ, and wooden frangments of the Ark or the Cross were collected and reassembled, in the way the reconstruct planes from wreckage after a crash, then Jesus would be a hellish beastly figure, with 838 arms tipped with a thousand, probing fingers crucified on a cross a thousand feet high.

And as for Noah’s Ark, it would have been bigger than the sea it was supposed to sail on.

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