Who is Aristophanes Brown?

Aristophanes Brown is a theatre critic operating primarily in the late 19th century, who thanks to his connections, gets into all manner of rapid fire adventures. He is rather more than working class, but rather less than landed gentry or high aristocracy, and maintains a small flat in Islington.

However, that is not the whole story, oh no. He also runs a warehouse space in the east end docks, in which is kept his Poincare machine, a machine he somehow managed to constuct after a substance aided dream in the manner of Coleridge’s writing of Kublai Khan. Utilising the Poincare Conjecture that a sphere in any number of dimensions can be enclosed by a topographic surface, he can thus use the surface of the all encompassing eleventh dimension to travel around our three dimensions without ever having to move anywhere.

It also means he is not bound by large scale notions of time.

Also found at the warehouse, is Lady Alexia Christina Laplace, a lady of high birth but little funding whom he rescued from a debtor’s prison in one of his early adventures. She acts as mechanic, carriage driver and if necessary, lure.

Both Aristophanes and Alexia find life a very tedious thing, and feel the need to liven it up in anyway possible…

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